About Limen

 ›Limen‹, a multilingual journal of contemporary poetry,
has been celebrating new voices from Europe and beyond since 2012.
Unlike prose, contemporary poetry rarely crosses national borders or linguistic boundaries:
It's translated less often, and first editions are hard to find outside the country of origin.
›Limen‹ endeavors to change that, and to this end we print texts that haven't yet been
published in German-speaking countries, presenting them in their original
languages as well as in German. We also produce audio recordings of poetry to highlight
aspects of the author's intentions.

The journal is published by the Limen e.V. Society and is printed by Wehrhahn Verlag, Hannover.

You can order ›Limen‹ here.



Editors and Collaborators

Kristin Bischof

Kristin Bischof (b. 1984 in Oldenburg) studied German and Spanish literature, philosophy,
and sociology in Osnabrück and Valladolid, and is currently working as a research assistant
to Christoph König at Osnabrück University. In 2011, she published ›Lecture du Fragment
75 du Lyceum de Friedrich Schlegel‹ in ›La lecture insistante. Autour de Jean Bollack.‹
She is completing her PhD thesis, which centers on Rainer Maria Rilke's novel,
›Die Aufzeichnungen des Malte Laurids Brigge‹.

Massimo Pizzingrilli

Massimo Pizzingrilli (b. 1977 in Ascoli Piceno) studied philosophy in Bologna and is
currently a lecturer in Italian at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences and for the study
group KRAIS (Kreis für andere Internationalsprachen). Previously published works include
›Simonelli (morte di operai alla ThyssenKrupp)‹ in 2009 and ›Der Weg aus Todtnauberg.
Der hermeneutische Prozess im Spätwerk Celans‹ in 2008. He is completing his PhD thesis
on Dino Campana's ›Canti Orfici‹.

Tim Trzaskalik

Tim Trzaskalik (b. 1970 in Bonn) is a translator working in Landéda/Bretagne and
Kleinseelheim/Hessen, who has translated texts by, and published original writings on,
Philippe Beck, Jean Bollack, and Arthur Rimbaud.

Diego Vaya

Diego Vaya (b. 1980 in Sevilla) is a lecturer and author specializing in Spanish philology.
He organises readings at the University of Seville and authored the 2013 novel
›Medea en los infiernos‹. Together with Jaime Galbarros, Diego founded the publishing house

Simone Wichor

Simone Wichor is a scholar in linguistics, history, and art history, having studied in
Dresden, Leipzig, and Zürich. In 2012, she completed her PhD thesis on the works of
Swiss author/photographer Annemarie Schwarzenbach. She is currently working
as a freelance editor in Berlin.

Devin Zuber

Devin Zuber (b. 1978 in Washington D.C.) is Assistant Professor of American Studies,
Literature, and Swedenborgian Studies at the Pacific School of Religion and
the Graduate Theological Union (GTU) in Berkeley, California. In 2010, he completed his
PhD on ›Hieroglyphs of Nature: Swedenborg, Ecology, and Romantic Aesthetics‹ at
the City University of New York. His research focuses primarily on ecocriticism and
American visual culture.